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Who We Are

We are a fairly young team, perfecting our skills year after year, clocking nearly 800 hours every year, 200 hours of that being on site. With over 100 projects under us, we have worked with some leading names in the industry and have taken up some single projects simply for the value it provides in terms of experience and exposure. What we lack in years, we make up in grit, determination, and passion. The Projects We Undertake Our offerings include indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We provide lighting layouts for Residential, Retail and Commercial settings, Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Theatres, Schools and Hospitals. We also provide architectural lighting for outdoor settings and façade lighting.


                                                                Our Work stages look like this…

  • Programming Phase: This is where we attend the meeting with the end user to understand their user needs and preferences. We confer with the owner, the architectural and design team, assessing the scope of the project in terms of user needs & preferences, space functionality, architectural features, budget concerns, and, operating & maintenance costs.

  • Schematic Design Phase: Built upon the programming phase, Schematic Phase involves conceptual design. This involves lighting layout, preliminary budget estimate, outlining of fixture specifications, lighting calculations mock-ups showcasing anticipated lighting effects, and energy compliance.

  • Design Development: Fine-tuning the designing undertaken in the schematic phase, we offer a cohesive lighting package accommodating updated lighting fixtures, technical specifications, and lighting control requirements. These shall be provided in the form of drawings in the current phase.

  • Execution Phase: Involving fieldwork, this stage involves the final execution of the design and installation. It involves setting up of the luminaries, programming of the lighting control system, following regulatory code and safety standards and overall supervision.

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