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What We Do?

As a Lighting Design Firm, we at Gaush Lighting offer the highest level of technical expertise and artistic flair for all kind of interior and exterior architectural lighting projects. We design an effective, efficient and distinctive lighting design to match “your vision” of the space. We will be your partners’ from conceptualization to installation. Providing an all-inclusive solution, our services include quantitative and qualitative lighting solution.

Consultation: Based on the area to be illuminated, we help you find a cohesive lighting layout with a creative mix of aesthetics, and functionality. Following the task to be achieved, Quantitative system will offer the lights required, illumination level and light distribution. Qualitative feedback will offer careful placement of lighting, light color temperatures and dynamic combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting. Integrated with the fabric of architecture, the overall result creates a sense of physical, experiential and psychological stimulation.

Technical Support: Our Lighting Service design includes a comprehensive package of lighting calculations and layouts, functional needs, decorative requirements, lighting controls, and load analysis. We offer technical layouts and envisaged visual impressions using Dialux, Photoshop Renderings and Adobe Illustrator.

Vendor Support: We are associated with some of the reputed brands in the industry, bringing you a range of products at competitive pricing and company warranty, shall you so wish.

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